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Serving the Children of the World...

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Lt. Governor John Richter

Division 34

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Serving the Children of the World.....

Division 34 of the California Nevada Hawaii District serves the San Francisco peninsula from San Francisco to Cupertino and is composed of 14 Kiwanis Clubs--

Bayshore, De Anza, Greater San Mateo, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Peninsula Young Professionals, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Carlos, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, South San Francisco, 1234 Special Games, and Woodside Terrace A.M.


Kiwanis is
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of volunteers
dedicated to
improving the world
one child and
one community
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This a big month for Division 34!  Friday, May 17, is our Special Games. I hope all of you who can, will participate. It has been said that “if you have ever wondered why you joined Kiwanis, come to the Special Games, and you will find out." This event is not only special to us, it was also recognized as KI’s best 2018-2019 Signature Project of the year in the USA.
Friday evening is Governor Rocci’s official visit.  As a reminder, the schedule is:
      Presidents’ meeting with Rocci 5:00 PM
      No-host Bar 5:30 PM
      Dinner and Program 6:00 PM
The location is Mariani’s Inn & Restaurant, 2500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, and the cost of the dinner is $60. Just a reminder to all the Presidents, that we would really like to see you at the meeting with Rocci at 5:00.

Our International Convention this year will be at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  The dates are June 27-30. Registration is now open. All events will be held at the Coronado Springs Resort.

The Cal-Nev-Ha convention this year will be held at the Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spain in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 15-18. Hotel reservations can be made through the website: We’re hoping for a good turnout from Div. 34!
Keep an eye on the newsletter – many clubs are having fundraisers and activities! Please support them if you can.

Yours in Service, John Richter,
Lt. Governor 2018-2019

Upcoming DCMs: 

  • May 14    Los Altos State Farm Office—Mtn View Hos
  • June 19 SSF Scavenger Co—Woodside Terrace Host


Hi All, I wanted to thank John Richter, Ltg. for the wonderful compliments on the March Newsletter. Tears were blurring my eyes, as they are now.  I didn't get to say goodbye to all of you and for that I am so sorry.  The last few years have been the very best time of my life.  You all paid me such an honor!  This was a very difficult decision and I have been pushing it off since last Memorial Day.  So, if you asked, " is she running from the authorities or what?"  Actually, a great opportunity knocked. I left things wide open SG1234, and for that I feel badly. Hopefully, I will see you at the Games, Governor's Visit and LAKC Pet Parade.

My love and deep respect to you all.



For the second year in a row the Kiwanis Club of Menlo Park has donated $5,000 to the Menlo Atherton Football Association.  “Our mission is to help the children of our community”, said Ned Moritz, president of the local Kiwanis Club.  “During the past four years the football program at M-A has brought both academic results to the team as well as excellence on the field.  We think that deserves our support.”

The M-A Football Association provides financial support to the team that’s not available from public funds.  This includes snacks during afternoon study hall, some equipment replacement, food during trips to away games, and out-of-state travel for some high performing juniors and seniors so they can visit college programs and participate in summer camps.

Susan Mohr is the long-time leader of the Football Association.  “We think the impact of the extra support we provide has been significant.  We work with the coaching staff to shape a program that is not only about football, but about building character, interest and help in academics, and enthusiasm in the whole M-A community”, said Ms. Mohr.

Last season the M-A Football team won the state championship in its division.  It involved an extended season with travel requirements around the Bay Area but also to Eureka.  “We were able to provide some of the extra support to the team as it traveled and kept winning,” said Ms. Mohr.

“Our Kiwanis Club provides about $50,000 a year in academic scholarships to M-A students, and we will do that again this year”, said Moritz.  “Our donation to the Football Association played a small role in helping support athlete and coach travel that resulted in the awarding of four full-time athletic scholarships for M-A players at Division-1 universities. Our aim was to help the Football Association provide these student-athletes opportunities.  The results this year have been fantastic.”


  • Each Division to be +5 members on September 30, 2019
  • A minimum of 20 New clubs to be built in 2018-2019
  • 250 New Dunlap Fellowship, Hixson & Zeller awards to be presented
  • 50% of Clubs participate in the annual gift campaign to
    either the District or International Foundations
  • 500 Community Service Awards (CSA’s) & Distinguished Service Awards (DSA’s) to be presented
  • 1 Club in each Division will apply for a Club grant from the District Foundation or International Foundation
  • Eliminate the Gap for the Eliminate Project


Special Games Awarded Silver 2019 Signature Project by Kiwanis International at the Convention in Las Vegas:

by Martha McClatchie, Kiwanis Club of Los Altos

As many of us may already be aware, the Special Games was selected as the CalNevHa District Signature Project finalist, and at the International Convention, we were all so thrilled to be selected as the Silver (2nd place) Signature Project out of 33 worldwide Signature Projects finalists.

Although Los Altos Club got the "name" recognition, we all know who does the work (Div1234 combined) and there were many clubs represented at the International Convention Div12 and 34 to receive this prestigious award.

Special Games happens with the continued support of all the Clubs of Div12 & 34- we all know what it takes.

Click here for the video from the International Convention


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