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Club Spotlight

Kiwanis Club of Mountain View

Reprint from April 2018 (By Mark Lindberg )

For over 90 years the Kiwanis Club of Mountain View (KCMV) has been serving the community. The KCMV meets twice a month for a luncheon featuring an informative guest speaker.  

During the last 20 years the KCMV through its Foundation has donated about $2,000,000 to dozens of charitable organizations and scholarship recipients. Notable annual events include a “shopping spree” for deserving grade school
children, scholarships for local high school graduates, and a Holiday party for a local retirement home. The KCMV along with its local high school Key Club participate in community service projects including visitations to a local VA hospital.
There are hundreds of Kiwanis Clubs in California and these clubs combine to do larger events such as “Special Games”
in May.  

Please consider joining this tradition of service!

Reprint from 2017 (By Liz Verzic)

My first memories of the Mountain View Kiwanis club were in 1968 when I was a young girl scout. The Kiwanis Club of Mountain View provided the scouts with two youth scout halls, one each for the Boy and Girl Scout troops, which was located on a piece of property near Castro Elementary School. My favorite day of the year, in scouts was our annual thank you to the Kiwanis Club. My troop would prepare a luncheon for the members of Kiwanis that consisted of bland4 spaghetti, served with Hawaiian Punch. The members never complained though. At that time, my father was a member and I got to be underfoot, trying to help with the annual pancake breakfast and the sausage booth at the Art and Wine Festival in downtown Mountain View each year.  There were no women in the club at that time, but the events were quite family oriented. Each year the club held a family barbecue at Cuesta Park and the best part was the raffle. Years later, I would participate at the Special Games with the club because my father couldn't get away from work to help. 

When women could join Kiwanis in 1987, I was asked to join but my father, didn't want me to be the first woman to infiltrate the then all-male club. After many years, I finally joined with my stipulation that I wasn't ever to be president. Well, for the past three years I have been president-elect for a year and president for two years. So much for my stipulation!  

The Mountain View Kiwanis club is now over 90 years old, having been founded in 1926. The scout hall has been sold and today those funds are invested and provide our foundation the funds needed for our community service projects, grants, and scholarships every year.  We are close to a million and a half in grants and scholarships donated since forming the foundation approximately 16 years ago.   Our members have been instrumental in the saving the last Immigrant House in Mountain View, which has been restored and sits as the center piece of the city's new Heritage Park.  Near it in the park is the Soil & Water demonstration and
community garden. Soil and Water is a community group of volunteers founded by two of our Kiwanis Members, with support from the club, the city, and a grant from Google. 

We still have our annual picnic that now serves as our installation dinner.  Our community service includes visits to the veterans’ hospital, supporting a neighborhood ice cream social and our Child Spree, a morning back to school shopping spree with and for 30 underprivileged kids at Kohl's. We also sponsor the Mountain View High School Key Club.  And, of course, we still have that booth at the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival where I still work with the pancake
breakfast and sausage booth!

Join us for an inter-club on the second or fourth Wednesdays of the month—12:10 pm, at Don Giovanni's on Mountain View’s Castro Street or look for our sausage and corn booth this September at the Art and Wine Festival.

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