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District 34 Foundation, Inc.


Division 34 Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization whose central mission is to  “Support children and the youth of our community in their physical needs and physical development.”

Our mailing address is: 

    Kiwanis Division 34 Foundation, Inc.
    PO Box 2144
    Cupertino, CA 95015



Here are a few of the events supported by the Kiwanis Clubs of California Nevada Hawaii District, Division 34 and Division 34 Foundation, Inc.:

Special Games

Special Games, remembering Founder Walter Chronert, 1919-2007,
is presented by the Kiwanis Clubs of Cal-Nev-Ha Division 34 and
managed by the Los Altos Kiwanis Club for organization and operation
and the DeAnza Kiwanis Club for equipment and venue.  

May 18, 2018  Kiwanis Special Games, West Valley Campus

Al Julian Track Meet

Al Julian Track Meet is presented by the Kiwanis Clubs of Cal-Nev-Ha Division 34 and managed by the Bayshore Community Kiwanis Club.

Join the Friends of the Games or the Circle of Friends (or both). 
Sponsor the Al Julian Track Meet and the Special Games with recognition at both events.

  • Choose Style of Recognition
  • See the Impact of Your Support
  • Support Community Programs
  • Strengthen Division Programs
  • Promote Your Business
  • Make a Statement of Support

Sponsorships are available for both events.

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